Censorship/Intimidation Motion by KPFT’s LSB

Below is the motion referenced in another post on this web site, that was introduced by Bob Gardner and passed by KPFT’s LSB in its August 2018 meeting, in an attempt to shut down this web site and its survey, and to form an investigative committee to intimidate Bill Crosier, a KPFT LSB member and one of the Rethinking Pacifica group:

To the Chair of the KPFT Local Station Board:

Whereas, a web site and questionnaire has been recently put up on the Internet (Attached document) without the consultation, discussion, involvement, or vote of either the KPFT Local Station Board, or the Pacifica National Board,

And whereas, said website and questionnaire is derogatory of the KPFT Local Station Board, the Pacifica National Board, and its Bylaws,

And Whereas, Bill Crosier has identified himself for having a direct role in the creation and administration of said website and questionnaire,

And Whereas, the execution of said questionnaire, will result in the collection, assimilation, and harvest of Pacifica membership information, e.g. e mail addresses and I. P. addresses for private purposes,

And Whereas, the creation of said web site identifies NOT one individual or any involved with its creation and administration thus violating confidentiality of Pacifica Listenership ,

I move that

a) a committee of five (as per Robert’s Rules Chapter XX), be formed to investigate Bill Crosier and others to be found out and named, for malfeasance, for posting, and soliciting the following* (Attached web site with questionnaire) .without giving prior notice to, and gaining approval from the KPFT Local Station Board or the Pacifica National Board, before making the (included in attachment) web site, posting a questionnaire derogatory of the Local and National Station Board and negative questionnaire questions, against the name and integrity of the KPFT Local Station Board, the Pacifica National Board, and the Pacifica By Laws. Bill Crosier and others have done this and already circulated this survey on the Internet.

b) And also investigation for assimilating Pacifica Listener Member information e mail addresses and IP Addresses for private purposes

c) Following the completion of the investigation a vote of the station Board should be taken to consider a trial for those involved.

d) During the interim period for the completion of this investigation, I further move that Crosier or web master should immediately be directed to suspend and remove the subject web site with its survey.

Robert Gartner

KPFT Local Station Board Member