Introduction to Pacifica Restructuring Project

Introduction to Pacifica Restructuring Project

Pacifica Radio, once one of the most important resources for progressives, in these troubled times is in trouble. It has the potential to change the direction of our nation, but it is nowhere near living up to its potential. We, a group of concerned members and activists, are asking for your support for a critical step to correct this right now.

One of the major difficulties Pacifica faces is an unwieldy and contentious governance system that has crippled its management in addressing serious issues such as the changing media landscape, the changing fundraising paradigm of younger generations, and the necessity for first rate programming to inform, educate and inspire listeners and supporters in this critical time.

Quite frankly, Pacifica stations have not produced local or national boards of directors capable of addressing these issues without such destructive polarization that management cannot make and carry out plans of action without the board countermanding those plans or stifling them or micromanaging them to the point of complete breakdown and inefficacy.

To fix this problem we are proposing changing the Bylaws to change the governance structure.  Under the new structure the Pacifica National Board of Directors would be reduced in number from twenty-two (22) to eleven (11) members.  Five (5) of the Directors would be elected directly by the members at each of the five Pacifica radio stations, and six (6) “At-Large” Directors would be elected by the board itself.  The “At-Large” directors would be chosen for their skills and leadership in areas including alternative media and movement work, financial planning and fundraising work, and their commitment to Pacifica’s peace and justice mission and purpose since its establishment in 1949.

Local Station Boards would be eliminated, but Community Advisory Boards at each station would be emphasized and supported to bring listener concerns and views into station programming decisions.

Today, facing mounting debt (on account of hard decisions not taken years ago, and because of declining listenership), Pacifica will sink below the waves if it does not make a major course correction in its structure and leadership.  We ask for your help in making this happen.

We ask your support for a vision of a Pacifica structure that can rise to the challenge of the times.

This can only be achieved by the membership of the foundation, and that is you! Your YES vote for the new Bylaws will be transformative.