Open Letter from Staff


You should receive a ballot to vote on new Bylaws for the Pacifica Foundation on or soon after February 18th.

We are writing to urge you to vote YES! on the Bylaws Amendment

Everything we have and do at our stations is at risk — our programs, equipment, studios, buildings, broadcast licenses, jobs and for some of us, our paychecks.

We believe the best way to PREVENT the sale of any of our buildings or the sale or swap of any of our broadcast licenses is to put in place a capable, respected Board of Directors who can attract and retain a knowledgeable and experienced Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, and who will uphold the Pacifica Mission. They can then get Pacifica’s finances under control. As you may know, Pacifica has a $3.25 million loan coming due on April 1, 2021. The lender cannot rely on Pacifica to fulfill its commitments in its current dysfunctional state. A new more credible national board could negotiate for an extension of time with the lender.

We want Pacifica and ALL of our stations to pull out from the financial disaster that has occurred these past years. We never want to see any of our licenses or buildings sold to payoff creditors again.

  • Since 2003 our Bylaws have not provided a workable way to recruit and elect competent Directors of the Foundation. Instead, we have elected dozens of Delegates to Local Station Boards from polarized and competing slates who have elected the Directors from among themselves. We have produced factional and dysfunctional national Boards of Directors each year, with both sides trying to prevent the other side from accomplishing anything but eager to micromanage and interfere in operations.
  • Pacifica has been a revolving door for Executive Directors and Chief Financial Officers. Since 2003 there have been 19 Executive Directors or Interim Executive Directors. Since 2003 there have been 7 or 8 CFOs or Interim CFOS.
  • There has been a 31% drop in listener donations across the network. It was $12,610,907 in 2007 and $8,663,786 in 2017. The auditors’ reports are posted here
  • There has been a 162% drop in total net worth. It was +$7,446,164 in 2007 and$4,612,278 in 2017 (not including broadcast licenses) according to the auditors’ reports.
  • The non-profit status of the Foundation is at risk because, as of today, the 2018 year’s audit is not completed.

We are staff members with different viewpoints, from different stations, with differing programming perspectives and histories with our radio stations. We join together in supporting the proposed new Bylaws. We hope you will join us, and vote YES!

For more information, see

Thanks for all you do and have done for WBAI, WPFW, KPFT, KPFK, and KPFA.

In solidarity,


  • Bill Fletcher, host of Arise!, WPFW
  • Brian Edwards-Tiekert, co-host of Up Front, KPFA
  • Cat Brooks, co-host of Up Front, KPFA
  • Aileen Alfandary, Co-Director of KPFA News
  • Philip Maldari, host of The Sunday Show, KPFA
  • Kitty Kelly Epstein, host of Education Today, KPFA
  • Adrienne Lauby, host of Pushing Limits, KPFA
  • Sherry Gendelman, host of Piano, KPFA
  • Darlene Pagano, KPFA
  • Kate Raphaelle, host Women’s Magazine, KPFA
  • Mitch Jeserich, host of Letters and Politics, KPFA
  • Diana Martinez, producer, Letters and Politics, KPFA
  • Bonnie Simmons, host of The Bonnie Simmons Show, KPFA
  • Tim Lynch, host of Dead to the World, KPFA
  • Corinne Smith, producer of Up Front, KPFA
  • Reyna Cowan, film interviewer, KPFA
  • Ian Masters, host of “Background Briefing”, KPFK
  • Mark Maxwell, Production Director and host of RISE, KPFK
  • Mansoor Sabbagh, KPFK
  • Maggie LePique, music director, KPFK
  • Mark Van Landuyt, writer/producer KPFK
  • Terry Guy, Staff, KPFK
  • Roy Tuckman, host of “Something’s Happening” with Roy of Hollywood, KPFK
  • Sonali Kolhatkar, host of Rising Up With Sonali, KPFK
  • Donna Walker, host/producer of “Pacifica Performance Showcase”, KPFK
  • Rita Neyter Skiles, KPFK
  • Jerry Sumrall (aka Larry Winters), host of Spare Change, KPFT
  • Nuri Nuri, host of Blues Brunch, KPFT
  • James Nagel, co-host of Howlin the Blues, KPFT
  • Colleen Nagel, co-host of Howlin the Blues, KPFT
  • Nancy McAfee, past host and guest host of several music show, KPFT
  • Anne Paget, co-host of Down Home Blue, KPFT