Judge sets Notice Date for Bylaws amendments after PNB fails to do so

On Oct. 21, 2019, Judge Frank Roesch granted an alternative writ of mandate, as requested by the Pacifica Restructuring Project, and set the “Notice Date” for Bylaws amendments as the following day, Oct. 22. He also ordered that Pacifica comply with the rest of the Bylaws regarding notice for Bylaws amendments, in order to start the process that is required before voting on them.

The amendment process that is required by the current Pacifica Bylaws, and which Judge Roesch ordered Pacifica to follow, is in Article 17, Section 1.

The judge’s order was in response to a filing by PRP made after the PNB failed to set a notice date so that Bylaws amendments could be considered and voted on.

Bill Crosier