New Bylaws Were not Approved, Pacifica’s Condition Remains Critical

The Bylaws referendum results were released, and the new Bylaws were not approved by the members. I remain very concerned about the future of Pacifica and our stations. The flood of rhetoric and bluster and false information in recent weeks from some of the people opposed to Bylaws reform has not helped. Instead, it has encouraged more people to deny the extremely serious and precarious financial position that Pacifica is in. Not only our stations but our mission is threatened by the failure of our governance to deal with that, and the Bylaws vote does nothing to change that.
I hope that at least some on the PNB who were opposed will consider the facts that we brought forward, and consider how we’re on the path to oblivion if they’re not willing to accept reality and deal with it effectively. Our boards need to get out of the denial and blaming mode, and listen to non-profit professionals and experts, and be willing to make some changes, if they’re going to be able to save Pacifica and its mission.
I’m also concerned about the many violations of fair campaign practices, some serious, by certain people opposed to Bylaws reform. That plus the deluge of false information, and scare tactics based on rhetoric instead of facts, in mass e-mails clearly skewed the election results significantly.
The Pacifica Restructuring Project will probably have a statement posted on our web site within a day, so please check back.
The election results are posted at
Bill Crosier